Let's Do a Beautiful RedBubble Book! - Are You Interested?

To all my friends and fellow artists,
I’m finding out more and more every day what a great community of creative and friendly people are involved with RedBubble.

Do you think it would be possible to set things up in RedBubble to allow people from certain categories to collaborate on a book that could then be printed? (I.E.: Members load their best photos into a book section of the Web site to be self-published on-demand, and sold on the Web site for RedBubble’s and the included artists’ benefit?)

I believe that other sites like www.CafePress.com and www.Lulu.com already have this capability.

I would be interested in participating in something like this, even if there was an up-front fee to help RedBubble make it happen.
Perhaps there might be a way to work with a on-demand publisher/printer such as www.Trafford.com.

*I’m excited about this possibility, and there are so many great artists on RedBubble that I can’t help but think that they also would be excited about this prospect, and that we could do a very appealing book that could potentially help all the professional and emerging artists on RedBubble publish and sell their work.

Please consult with others on this and let me know what you think…*


Hi Nodakami,
Thanks for the tips, comments and suggestions! I’m a newbie, so I hope you will bear with me. I’ll try to address some of the points you’ve touched on…

Some people said that a RB book would be too big if it had no categorical way to narrow it down, so I just threw that in, but I suppose it could be for everyone with internal categories (like fantasy, realism, fractal, B&W, etc.), (if it was not so big as to become cost-prohibitive).

I would think it would be “all the above” that you mentioned; I.E.: for the artists, for RB, and for sale, IF it was really nice and the marketplace would like it and wish to purchase it. Your “Best of” idea sounds good to me.

I think RB is interested in the online print-on-demand book idea, and any printed works would surely boost their membership. I think they are interested in something that would work similar to the calender creation, but whatever form it takes, I’ve learned that it may take awhile to become a reality on RB.

There are many works of art on RedBubble that are so uniquely beautiful, that it just seems like a natural thing to want to see them on large glossy pages in a book. If the RB artists express an interest, I will try to put their ideas out there on the suggestions forum, and also post to my journal and to other forums.

You expressed another good idea in that short artist “bios” and/or lifestyle essays could be included with their work.

This type of book would be great exposure for RedBubble and also for those of us who are “Emerging Artists”.

I’m really excited about this possibility. In a relatively short time I’ve already grown to like the artists on RB, and to appreciate their awesome work.

The best thing that could happen is that people like yourself might become interested in this possibility and together we could encourage RB to help us make it happen.

Thanks again for your ideas and input,

webgrrl wrote you a BubbleMail 4 days ago:

i think its possible.. its just a matter of planning it out ..and someone to instigate it…. like the build it and they will come?

yes cafepress has book printing capabilities..but if im not mistaken.. LULU (lulu.com) is the leader in self book publishing.. ive made a calendar there with them..


and i have to say that i really like the option of having black bkground (so far the only place able to do that..and custom holidays as well..)

id be interested in projects / help / things like that..

if you see my profile and see all the sites/projects that im doing all myself.. cuz i got tired of waiting for others to do it with me..so i just started them myself… and hope everyday…… others will want to join.. :/

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