Poem: My daily hell

I dream of your arms around me,
your breath on my face.
Your kiss on my lips,
is all I can taste.
I dream of your touch,
and of your warm embrace.
But when I wake,
Next to me is an empty place.
I go through my day,
even though your 6000 miles away.
Telling myself everything will be ok.
I wait for a call,a letter, an email.
and upon hearing your voice,
it lights up my face.
The pain is so great,
but yet I hide it so well.
Who would suspect I’m going through hell.
Everydays a constant battle,
I hope to god I win.
And pray that soon I’ll have you safe in my arms again.

I’m so proud of you,
for with what you must deal.
No one could ever change the way I feel.
I love you so much,
no one could ever take your place.
Stay strong for me because it’s what we both need.
Come home safe to me.

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