My First Experience with acrylics

Ohhh lordy what a mess i made(on me)..but enjoyed every second of it.
and you can actually tell what my painting is suppose to be….not finished yet…still have some work to do on it but..wooohooo it lookks pretty darn good for my first try.
Now i did learn a few things…
1. a little acryllic goes a lonnnngggggggg way
2. when they say add a little of this….they meannnn a little…
3. when a color says use raw umber… and you dont have it…burnt umber doesnt do it.
4. the “learn to paint like a pro books” -dont explain eveyrthing you need to know.. gotta figure it out yourself
5. there is no way a first time/early beginners painting is gonna look as good as the picture
6. when it saws thin it way day
-it means way down…. the colors come off thick and DARK
7. not a clean hobby..i have paint up to my elbows.. and some on my face and nose(i had an itch)
8. funnest dang thing i done in a longgggg time— i friggin love it

once it is completely done.. i will take a pic and post it..but dont laugh—im a beginner…lol

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