What’s concidered fat? These days there’s been a suposed effort to embrace all body shapes and sizes, but yet there are still people who are “fat”. Is 5’10, 135 concidered fat? Apparently. Disagree, take it up with my mom? My mom, who is overweight by the way, called me fat the other day. And again today. And now she’s forcing me to join a gym with her. So i decided instead of getting mad, hondle this maturely. Today I asked her to stop calling me fat, and all she said was “would you rather i lie to you, come on you call me fat everyday?” Well i have never to my knowledge called her fat, especially not to her face. But then again parents know everything, right? I mean shouldn’t i trust her? I mean they have the best judgement, i mean who would’ve thought that telling a sixteen year old girl who has a past of being on hormone pills, happy pills, sleeping pills, and was in the loony bin for over a week, would be a bad idea, oh and i have a past with anorexia. Well, i guess she just didn’t get the memo.

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