So you know how you say something and you really think you mean it, until it happens, well i know the feeling to. Ever since i broke up with my ex boyfriend i’ve been saying i just want him to leave me alone. I’ve told him, just forget about me, it’s eaiser. All throughout though, we still kept in touch and promised that we’d be ther for eachother anytime we needed someone. Well, i wish i hadn’t told him to forget about me, because he did. He used to have a account on here, untill 2days ago and he deleted it. I admit i have a hard time letting go, but don’t we all? I guess i’m just a really messed up person. This was my last means of a connection to him. I deleted his number, and i’m not going to ask any of my friends for it, because i want them to think i’m strong, even though i’m not. I won’t e-mail him because my parents can still check my e-mails and will kill me if they find out. I can’t do anything anymore, i’ve lost someone who i really didn’t think i needed. I was wrong. I knew i could trust him, but even now i’m not so sure, he told me so much he shouldn’t have about his friends, what will he say about me? Even so, i miss him, and it’s only been a month since the breakup. And to anyone who might think i’m doing this because i think i have the worst life, i’m not. I’m very blessed to have people who care, no matter how few, and i know some people have it a lot worse, but this really just sucks. But get on with my life, right? Take my own advice.

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