New camera is on the way!!

Yes I am excited! After too many years to count, but let’s just say it’s over 40..LOL I am FINALLY getting the type of camera I have always dreamed of!
I ordered it yesterday and it is already in transit to my home and should be here Friday by 4:30 PM.
Having used point and shoot cameras all my life, I am looking forward to the experience of learning how to use a camera with full manual options and am also looking forward to buying lenses , although not all at once for sure and there may be long gaps in between those purchases, unless I run across some amazing deals.
I went back and forth for months, agonizing over what camera I would get. Two quickly moved to the top of the list.
The first was a FujiFilm Finepix s200EXR which although it didn’t allow for lens changing, did allow for filters and with an adapter several lenses to be added. I loved so many options on that one.
The second was a Canon Rebel XS (XSi being beyond and then a Nikon D80 came into the mix. An offer from somebody to sell me their unused one , with a lens, for $450! WOW, I thought, I could never in a million years touch one of these! So I decided that was the one I would get and emailed the person.
After 5 days of no response, I decided to go with the Fuji, mainly for reasons of portability since I bike or bus everywhere. And I did love the camera.
However, when I went to order it, it was SOLD OUT!
Not to be put off by that I went hunting on Ebay where I found one for $40 less than what I had planned on paying, but just for fun went looking at the Rebels to see what they were going for.
Incredibly I found new, in sealed boxes, USA versions for the same price as the original Fuji was going to cost!
What could I do? I had to have one..LOL
So on Friday my new baby will arrive and I can begin the adventure of discovering how to use my new Rebel!
A few funny things to add to this. My Mom, who passed away in January, was always called Rebel, since she was from the south. The ebay seller’s (who had a rating of 100% btw) first name is the same as my Mom’s and her last name was the same as my Mom’s middle name.
I think Mom was watching over me, and guided me to this camera, making sure the other one sold out on the exact day I was going to order it.
Thanks Mom!!

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