“See you later,” Sam said, waving from the door of their hotel room. He and his friend Dave were staying at the hotel while Sam’s parents went to a boring meeting, and tomorrow they were going to the footy. They had three hours by themselves in the hotel.

“So, do you wanna go down to the pool for a swim?” Dave asked.
“But my parents said we should stay in the room…”
“How are they gonna know?”
“Oh, alright,” Sam caved in. They hurried to get changed into their bathers, then ran to the elevator. Dave pressed the button for the eleventh floor, and up they went. The elevator stopped on the ninth floor and two other boys got in. The older one looked about their age, but the other boy was younger.
“Hey, I’m James,” the older boy said. “This is my brother, Callum. Our parents are at that boring annual Insurance meeting, so we thought we’d swim.”
“My parents are at that meeting too. I’m Sam and this is Dave. Do you guys want to come in the gym with us before we swim?”
“But we’re not allowed in without an adult,” James protested.
“So, who will know? If someone comes to yell at us, we just say we didn’t realize.” With that, he pushed the door open and they all walked in. Callum ran over to the exercise balls, and pulled a blue one down from the rack. The balls bounced every-where and the older boys laughed. They all chose a machine and started mucking around. Eventually, they and decided to go for a swim. They dove in the deep end, splashing water out of the pool. Then they took it in turns doing bombs, (emptying the pool even more) then had races until they got bored; then they got in the spa.
Dave turned on all the bubble jets, and they lay there, relaxing. All four boys got out, and walked over to the towel pile, leaving tracks of water on the floor. They each used a towel to dry off, then they dropped them on the floor, and grabbed a dry one to walk out. They walked back to the elevator, leaving the gym with exercise balls all over the place, the treadmill and the exercise bike still running, and the pool room with water and wet towels all over the floor. Sam had even left his towel on the edge of the pool, and it had fallen in.
“So where do you want to go now?” James asked. “Do you guys want to come to our room for a while?” Dave and Sam agreed, and they stopped on the ninth floor.
“I’m hungry,” Callum complained when they were in the room.
“Well, we just order room service,” Sam told him. All four boys chose a few items off the menu. They swapped phone numbers and watched a game show while they waited for the food to arrive. Soon it came, and they stuffed their faces with the food. They were so full that they had to lie on the couches and watch the end of the show.
“Do you wanna come to the games room?” James asked when the movie finished. The others all agreed, so they went down. The first thing they did was play pool, and Dave won. He started cheering when he won, so James threw the pool balls at his feet.
Callum started playing a video game, car racing, so they all joined in, but Callum still bet them. Then they played air hockey. One of the pucks went flying and smashed a window.
“Opps,” Sam was the one who had hit that one. “Let’s get out of here!” All four boys ran for the elevators, leaving the pool balls all over the floor, the video game running, and the smashed window.
In the lift, James accidentally lent against the buttons, from floor one, where they were, to floor fifteen. The elevator went up and stopped near the top, then back down, like a yo-yo. They went up and down a lot of times, and decided it was fun, so Dave and Callum pressed all the buttons again. And again. And again. When they eventually got off the elevator, they were all dizzy.
“Hey, I have an idea.” Callum told them. “Why don’t we go across the road to the movies?” There was a movie theatre across the street, so they got money from Sam’s mum’s wallet, and headed over there. They bought tickets, and then they went to the snack counter. Each of them got a frozen coke, and a cup of lollies, and they got two large popcorns to share. They went into the cinema just as the movie was starting.
About a quarter of the way into the movie, Callum spilt some of his popcorn on Dave. Dave threw popcorn back at Callum, and in seconds, a massive food war had broken out, between all four boys. Suddenly, some-one was shining a torch at them.
“Excuse me boys, but you’re disrupting the movie and I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” the usher’s sharp, loud voice broke their fight.
When they were outside the cinema and safely away from the usher, Sam turned to the others.
“I feel like ice cream. Any-one else wanna come to the hotel restaurant and get some with me?” James, Dave and Callum all thought this was a good idea, so they went back across the road to the hotel. In the restaurant, Dave asked for four ice-cream cones.
“Sorry boys, we don’t have ice cream. You’ll have to go across the road, but don’t go without an adult.”
“How old do you think we are?” James asked in annoyance.
“Excuse me, young man. How dare you talk to me like that! Apologize, and then you can run upstairs to your mummy and daddy.”
“My mummy and daddy? I’m not a baby; don’t tell me what to do! Come on guys, let’s go.” So the other boys followed him back across the road to the ice cream shop and each ordered a cone. When they were done eating, Sam looked at his watch.
“Oh no!” he exclaimed
“What?” Callum asked.
“The meeting! It finished at ten o’clock right?” the other boys nodded. “Well it’s ten o’clock now.” The boys looked at each other, and ran. Back across the road, through the lobby of the hotel, to the elevator. They went straight up to floor seven, and Dave and Sam got out.
“See ya. Good luck with your parents,” Dave said.
“You too,” James waved as they got out.
As Dave and Sam hurried back to their room, James and Callum got out of the elevator. Sam flung the door open, and staring at him were two very angry parents.
James opened their door to find exactly the same thing.
Uh-oh, all four boys thought at the same time. Busted.
In the end, Sam and James told their parents the whole story. They had to clean up the pool, gym, and games room, apologize to the restaurant man, pay for the broken window, and use their pocket money to pay back Sam’s mum for the money they took from her wallet, and James and Callum’s mum for ordering room service.
The boys didn’t see each other again, but they talked on the phone a lot. Then, one day, about a year after their disaster, there was the annual boring Insurance meeting that both James and Sam’s parents had to go to…

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