Very thankful for these features this past week.

I am so happy, surprised and delighted to have had 6 features these last 6 days.

Thank you so much to Poetry and beautiful Women for featuring ‘distance between us’ and ‘the play’. I am appreciate it so much.

Thank you to WMG for the feature of ‘I will find a way’. I am very grateful for your support! I will pass this on to Jacky.

T’hank you to Nirvana for choosing ‘catch’ to be featured. Much appreciated.

Thank you All out Emotion for featuring ‘tonight I shall’. Your support is wonderful.

Thank you for !#1Artists of redbubble# for choosing ’catch to be featured. I am very very grateful.

I appreciate all that my friends here at the bubble and these awesome groups do in way of support, kind words, comments and just being a light in my day.


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