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The symbolism of the mother pelican feeding her little baby pelicans is rooted in an ancient legend which preceded Christianity.

The legend was that in time of famine, the mother pelican wounded herself, striking her breast with the beak to feed her young with her blood to prevent starvation.

Another version of the legend was that the mother fed her dying young with her blood to revive them from death, but in turn lost her own life.

We all know the mythical story of how the stork would deliver babies.

When children would ask their parents where babies came from, their parents would tell them the mythical story of how if to parents loved each other, then the stork would fly thorough the night holding a white cloth in their beaks and deliver the baby to the happy couple.

This myth was created by the European folklore.

Although the stork is known for the baby delivering the Pelican was over looked.

If you where to compare the structure of the Pelicans beak to the Storks beak, you can see that the Pelicans beak would more likely be able to carry and deliver the babies.

The stork has a smaller more narrow straight beak and would have to carry the baby in a cloth sack.

But the Pelican has a much larger beak and has a pocket in their beak that would allow them to carry the baby without the use of the cloth sack.

Below I will share with you the true legend behind the large and unique structure of the Pelicans beak.

Many centuries ago there was two couples expecting a baby. It was well known in their town that the stork was responsible for the delivery of babies.

This legend had been passed down from many generations, and no one questioned it.

The couples would tell the story of the stork to their children before they would fall asleep.

Both couples exciting awaited the arrival of their new additions to their families.

The couples prepared the nursery.

The first couple was expecting a baby girl. They painted the walls of the cozy room, a soft pink.

They set up the beautiful oak wood crib and equipped it with the softest warmest blankets that money would buy.

The couple added in the white rocking chair, for the final touch which was a family heirloom.

The second couple was having a boy and also prepared their nursery making it cozy and ready to bring in their new baby.

Both couples then awaited and anticipated their babies arrival.

Months passed by ever so slowly, when finally the day had arrived.

The two couples finished their last minute preparations and went to bed.

Meanwhile the stork was making its strenuous journey to the couple who was expecting a boy.

That night their was a tremendous storm the wind was so strong and the visibility levels where next to none.

The stork pushed through, holding on to the white cloth for dear life.

The baby began to grow heavier by the second and the storks small beak couldn’t handle the weight.

Somewhere in the midst of the storm the baby was lost.

The couple soon woke up the next morning to find only a single empty crumpled white cloth at their doorsteps.
They where devastated.

This had not been the first time the stork had failed to deliver a baby to an awaiting couple.

On that same night in the huge storm the first couple woke up to a bundle of joy on their steps.

A little baby girl in great health all bundled up in a white cloth.

How could this be you may ask.

Well on the night of that storm there was a new kind of bird helping with the delivery’s.

The stork was unable to deliver the babies due to the size and structure of its beak.

That is when the Pelican came into play.

The pelican has a very large beak and a built in pouch on that beak, that they would actually use to carry their own young.

So after numerous failed attempts on the storks behalf, the Pelican took charge.

They where able to hold the babies in their pouch making it impossible to drop the baby and also this kept the baby safe from the storm.

This was the night that would change the myth of baby delivering forever.

Since that night Pelicans took over the baby delivering process.

Only few people knew about the change from stork to pelican, and even fewer witnessed seeing the delivery taking place.

Even today the legend still involves the Stork.

I guess that would be because legends take many years to be formed and have to go through being passed on to many generations.

So one day soon in the near future, the pelican will get the full credit in this mythological tale.

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