Normality Restored!!

I’d just like to take a minute to thank everyone who took the time to look and comment on my work (or add me to their watchlist) as a result of Veronica Purcell’s wonderful feature article, which appeared on the community page over the weekend!

The article is here

Thanks also Danny for Nolanning~TM~ me!

As my plans for world domination (and my true personality) have now been revealed, I shall have to shelve them for a while again, so that you can all be lulled back into that false sense of security!!

Calendar - Wrecks and Ruins

Hey all,

If there is anyone who would like a calendar of my Wrecks and Ruins art, send me a bmail, and you can have it at cost!!

And of course, if there’s any other shots you’d like – let me know and I’ll string ’em together for you!!


Hey all …

Just a quick note to let you know that three of my works are now available as Posters, Rose, Smoko and The Mechanic are available in Poster sizes (and also Large Prints too btw)

So – buy up BIG and help me recover some bandwidth costs!! GRIN

A question.

Just for my own interest … I was wondering how many of the Musical Art group are musicians as well as painters/photographers ……

I photograph first, and dabble with piano .. have done forever …. and am the only keyboard player (stand up for your right to double manual) in our house full of guitarists (3 of them).


Do you play?
What do you play?
Do you have musos in the family?

Meet my Mum!!

After extolling the virtues of the ’bubble to mum ever since I joined, I finally persuaded her that her floral photography (and fractals it seems) needed to be shared with you guys!!

You’ll find her here and may I just say that I taught her everything she knows (grin) unless it’s really bad, in which case I deny all knowledge!!

Please pop in and say hello … some of you know her already … and share some of that wonderful ’bubble love!!

My new "baby" - My Child's Art

Okay folks … how many of you have offspring that after having watched Mum or Dad slave over a drawing/photograph/story have produced their own … only to be told they’re not old enough to join Redbubble?

Suffer no more!!

By joining our group My Child’s Art and then posting their masterpieces into your portfolio (appropriately labelled) they can now receive the recognition they so richly deserve!!

APolitical Comment (yes the lack of a space is correct)

Sorry for this folks … but I just want to have my say.

I agree that a lot of crap (read war, bloodshed, torture and inhumanity) has been perpetrated and is being perpetrated still in the name of politics and religion, but this is NOT the place to discuss it.

Unless they’ve taken up a recent membership, it is highly unlikely that anyone in a position of power (no matter how misguided you feel they may be) is ever going to see any of your political statements here on Redbubble.

I’m not even saying that you should sit back and let the injustices you see go unanswered, vox populi and all that but can you please do it somewhere it will do some good and not here on the ’bubble.

I am in awe ....

… of the people who do 3D artwork!!

Having always admired the works of Rose, Oddpixels, BlueKnot and all the others, I decided to look for a free package to have a go myself …. voila – D/S …

Well – finding it was the easy part!

I got Aiko 3 free when I joined up, managed to get her with some rather flat looking skin, posed her (she doesn’t even look like roadkill anymore) but then managed to load a whole ’nother Aiko on top of her ….

Back to the drawing board …. if you don’t hear from me, it’s because I’ve rendered myself into a corner somewhere and can’t get out!!


What are you doing to publicise your work .....

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m not writing this to piss anyone off ……

I’m just wondering how many of the sales obsessed people …. “what sells best, what sells the most, what subjects are people buying … what do I have to upload to sell et al” are actively marketing their work outside of Redbubble, and how many are sitting back and waiting for their turn on the home page or as a featured artist or whatever …… and how many of them are only creating what they think will sell …

I have links on some other sites and have cards printed with my “bubble” address and I’m annoying the hell out of my friends and family!!

What sort of other marketing seems to work for people ….. given that not everyone who buys stuff is always going to be a member here …

Back from the Bush


Here I sit – back in my little cubicle, lunchtime at the day job.

The last week an already fading memory of dust, blazing sunshine, country hospitality and a week’s worth of not cooking tea!!

I’ve got about 1000 images (all .crw ..) to check over, post process and select a few to upload here!!

Bigger than A First Sale!!

Ohmygoodness Ohmygoodness Ohmygoodness!!

The Mechanic just came equal first in Dave’s Comp!!

Splittin’ first place with Minoanphotography’s Lightroom Series ~ D

That is soooooooooo cool!!

(Cathie grins so big her head fliptops!!)

THANKS DAVE AND KALB!! (Yep – I’m shouting!!)

September Booty!!

As I explained in a previous journal entry, September is hell month for us for birthdays and Father’s Day … this year .. Redbubble cards … easy peasy.

This photo shows our son Connor with his favourite of the latest batch .. would have been nice if it was one of mine!!

Thanks again to Paul Louis, Photobloke and Thomas Maher for their contribution!!

Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow!

Okay, now that I have your attention, could anyone tell me what form the Latin would take to read just that.

I have used William Whitaker’s Words, which translate English to Latin, but there are so many forms, I don’t know which one is correct.

The Latin I have is:

bibo, bibere, bibi, bibitus – suck

debatuo, debatuere, – bang

spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratus – blow

(For those of you who are wondering … it’s the compression cycle for an internal combustion engine – and I want to add it to this shirt ….


A favour for my brother .....

I’ve also posted this in the Collaborations Hub in the forums!!…

Hi all.

My brother has severe cerebral palsy, limited movement and no speech. He communicates with us and the nursing staff at Julia Farr Centre by using a communication board with pictures of us, and the things around him.

Because he has just been fitted with a new tray, we are looking to update his board (an A4 sheet with clear contact over it) and I have been trying in vain to find some good clipart that looks like the things I need.

I was wondering whether any of the artists here could draw (nothing too fancy but recognisable) some cartoony pictures for us to use.

Here’s the list:

A radio (just a portable stereo kind of thing)
A television (again portable)
A football (Sherrin for Aussie Rules)
A book (open)
A church
A car
His b

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait