Priceless Pieces of ***A.R.S.E

Here it is folks!! The work you’ve all been waiting for!!

The ultimate anthology of works from **A.R.S.E (for the uninitiated, Artists, Riters and Snappers Extracting the piss).

We announced the book and the March Competition to the members of our group simultaneously, running a contest in which members were to nominate a piece of work from each of the three genres in the group, Tshirts, Art and Writing.

In true **A.R.S.E fashion however, the book doesn’t contain all the nominated entries, just the ones we liked …….. and by happy coincidence the overall winner of the competition does appear in the book!!

So without further ado, I announce the launch of GREAT PIECES of A.R.S.E – available for download as a pdf file for your viewing pleasure.

We deliberated over what price we could put on such an amazing document, and decided that it would be only fair, (to ensure that no ones financial situation should deprive them of the opportunity to partake in this feast of artistic riches) to make it FREE (Well I did say it was priceless didn’t I ….. pay attention)


Hey look, it says Vol. 1 …….. penultimate??

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