People puh-leese!!

Let me just begin this little rant by saying that I am neither Christian nor Atheist

What I am, is annoyed that any group here decides that they have the right to have another artist’s work deleted.

There are works on here which I would never hang in my home, nor wear, and indeed some of them make me wince, but I respect a fellow human being’s right to have their own opinion and/or beliefs and express them as they will.

I am aware of RB’s Terms and Conditions, but I’m not quite sure how this can be policed sensibly. The work may offend the complaining party, but not be seen as offensive at all to someone else.

Who is right? Since when has it been illegal to have an opinion and express it?
It isn’t in my country!

I just get a little annoyed at having other people’s opinions shoved down my throat, and comments about people’s souls being posted under what should be a discussion of a piece of art …. oh yeah, this is after all an art site.

I’m happy for those who have found some divine deity to guide their art, life, if that’s what they want …. and I’m equally as pleased for the people who feel that they are in control of their own destiny or whatever, but please …… can we keep it OFF REDBUBBLE???? If I wanted a theological discussion I would have joined a theology site.

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