Mother Expletive Board!

Had a busy day today, out of the house around 9.30 this morning,(but not before I’d hopped on to RB for my morning fix) swimming lesson for the short one, round to my parents’ house – ending up taking mum out to do her shopping, and got home about 4.00pm. Visitors landed home the same time we did, so I hit the on button on my computer and left it all to fire up while I socialised ….

Visitors left, I hopped onto my computer chair and wiggled my mouse …. NOTHING!

Nothing but a little flashing white cursor ………… switch off, turn in on again – nada.

After a frantic call to a very knowledable friend, it would appear that my motherboard has gone to it’s maker. Hopefully all my stuff is still intact on the drives, but it will be about a week before my computer savvy hubby gets home from a work trip.

So at least I can use his ‘puter while he’s away, but I won’t be uploading much stuff I don’t think ….

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