Of ***ARSEs, Holidays and Cottony Goodness

Despite pleading the attention span and memory of a goldfish, I have decided to attempt Nat’s idea of journalling my highlights of 2008.

I am sure I will have missed someone or something, and for that I will apologise in advance!

(Edit: If you think I’m going to link to all of this stuff – you’re insane!!)

State your name and your business
Cathie Tranent.
Danger (oh no, that was Batfink)

Tell us what you consider to be your RedBubble highlight for the year

Interviewing Danny Nolan.
Being part of A.R.S.E.
Travelling to Melbourne solo for my Mother’s Day gift – visiting the hallowed halls of RB, meeting Jo, Xavier, Hop and Ben.
Following a horde of zombies (wow, I fluked that one) past Federation Square – meeting Danny, Glenn, Anne and Cathryn, Chris, Jessica, John, Adrian, Michael and Lucky
Getting my red dot – to be able to give back just a fraction of what Redbubble has given me in the last 18 months.
Having one third of the Triumvirate buy one of my tshirts and placing in the Top 10 of the competition to design the 100,000 member RB logo!
(Please feel free to remind me of anything you think I’ve missed)

Christmas tune that you would ban for life and why

Anything sung by a nameless, faceless choir piped through the sound system of a department store.

Funniest comment you’ve seen on a work/journal/forum thread

Any social intercourse between sjem, Danny and His Lordship.

Most amazing comment on one of my works

“Oh shit, this is better than mine” – Lucan

Which RedBubble work are you secretly hoping to find under your tree

Clumsy Misfortune by Tracy Wallace

Most inspiring thing/person you’ve spotted on the bubble this year

Faaar too many to list – London Calling … the Tshirt Revolution Group …. the resurrection of A.R.S.E … rubyred …. nofrillsart … sjem … Danny … Lucan (on so many occasions) … Peter Styles …. Martin Hosking …. Natalie Tyler ….. Anne van Alkemade …. Najeroux … Dan Moore … … …. ….. …… et al.

Imagine you are the Queen of England.
What’s your Christmas message to the RedBubble masses?

Merry Christmas. ;)
(And a safe, happy, prosperous and cotton laden 2009)

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