The Adventures of Sticky the Stunt Tourist (Part 1)

This is the story of a little stickman in a big city.

It could have been a lot better for Sticky. He could have been adopted by a legitimate artist, he could have been the basis of a life study, or been a proper photographic model like his cousins were, instead he found himself plucked from the top shelf by a little round photographer on a visit to Melbourne.

At least she took the spike out of his arse, and didn’t shove him into a plastic bag like he’d seen happen to the others. He found himself attached to the side of a camera bag travelling out into the fine winter sunshine.

After travelling to the Sticky Institute (wow, only just liberated and already he had a business named after him) he found himself in a laneway admiring street art.

Perhaps next time he would be more careful where he stood.

Suddenly he found himself scooped up and racing to Federation Square – on a mission to intercept zombies.

Time and time again he found himself shoved against a camera lens as the redhead shot zombie after zombie after zombie – and then he found himself snatched away and facing certain death ….

But no – relief as he recalled that he was indeed a stick figure of very little grey matter, and this zombie would go hungry!! There’s only one letter different between grain and brain – but what a vital letter it was!

After making it safely to the end of the Zombie Shuffle, he found himself having coffee with most of Back Alley Atelier and some other zombie hunters!

He struck his best pose, but to no avail … these two were unimpressed.

Soon his human companions were refreshed, and heading once again to the maze of back alleys, but not before Sticky had done his best bridge impersonation!

Soon they were again admiring graffiti and a myriad of shops. (Sticky, unlike the humans had no interest in anything retail – stickmen have no pockets and therefore no money). There was however, a fleeting glimpse in a shop called Minotaur, of a rather well to do movie star who bore a passing family resemblance.

Sticky would have to investigate this further on his return to Adelaide.

After a fabulous day (well the photographer thought so anyway) Sticky found himself whisked back to the hotel to rest “her” feet and prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

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