A favour for my brother .....

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Hi all.

My brother has severe cerebral palsy, limited movement and no speech. He communicates with us and the nursing staff at Julia Farr Centre by using a communication board with pictures of us, and the things around him.

Because he has just been fitted with a new tray, we are looking to update his board (an A4 sheet with clear contact over it) and I have been trying in vain to find some good clipart that looks like the things I need.

I was wondering whether any of the artists here could draw (nothing too fancy but recognisable) some cartoony pictures for us to use.

Here’s the list:

A radio (just a portable stereo kind of thing)
A television (again portable)
A football (Sherrin for Aussie Rules)
A book (open)
A church
A car
His bed … kinda hospital looking, but has a nice quilt cover
and last but by no means least … a wheelchair.
A house (to indicate home – mum & dads)
Sick (maybe someone looking a bit green around the gills)
and last but by no means least … a wheelchair.

I had also thought about using photos, but feel that line drawings would be easier for him to “focus” in on.

If you’d like to know anything else, you could also email me at CathieT – at – gmail.com.



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