Statements in Questions

Do I believe a lie about myself?
Do I believe a lie about you?
Who am I?
Who are you?
-Is this natural/does it have a place in the whole/order of things?
Is nature perfect?
What are its flaws?
Is nature good or bad?
What is human nature?
Can it be understood?
Is human nature perfect?
If not, is it something we strive for?
Is it good or bad or both, and if so (if it is both), according to what forces/pre-deterministic causes?
Can it be classified by any single definition at all? If so, what?
If so, will this definition change as the human mind advances?
Will today’s superstitions be tomorrow’s new sciences?
Will today’s good be tomorrow’s bad – as demonstrated in history?
Is there an absolute Good? An absolute Truth?
What is it?
Do you live by it or is it a belief easy to identify with?
Why do we need to believe in something more?
Does life as it is for this moment not satisfy us?
Will we always seek meaning in the past and other happier moments in the future?
What would be the consequence if we did?
What would be the consequence if we became extinct and only nature alone remained? What would the earth look like without human interference?
Would the concept of time mean anything?
Is it comfortable interacting with all sorts of different people?
Should we treat everybody the same, irrespective of their roles (family, society)?
Is everybody the same?
In what way is everybody the same?
How are we different?
How is what is different (amongst humans) balanced with what is the same?

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