An Interview with Shannon Mclean by Cate Townsend

I stumbled across shanmclean here and was very impressed.

What drew you here to the Redbubble community?

I came across Redbubble by accident! I was browsing Belinda Lindhardt’s here website, clicked on a “Redbubble” link and Ive been addicted every since! I really love the support from people and looking at such amazing artworks.

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Well, I guess creativity to me is something to strive for. I try to find something extra in anything I do, not just art, but anything really. Ill take something to what I think is acceptable and then try to find that tiny creative something extra. It is a fun process!

Creativity is also something that just really inspires me. Its something that doesn’t seem to go away. Before doing design at uni I studied teaching for two years…. my main downfall was that I just wanted to do art lessons and the kids didnt really find me an “authority” figure. If I’m honest, I think I had always viewed art as a hobby – not something to actually do for a living. Creativity helps me to believe I can actually make a career out of it, because you need call on creativity to succeed.

How many mediums do you work in? Which is your favourite, and why?

Um, I tend to work in whatever the project calls for or whatever I feel like trying. I think I have a bit of everything in my portfolio: digital, watercolour, photography, pastels etc. One of the few things I havn’t tried is oil painting. Im sort of ok at everything but a master of none lol.

I love pastels, the freedom they provide and their hands-on messy nature. That is also the reason I don’t get them out as much as I’d like! My other favourite is Illustrator. My most common process is to sketch an image, re-draw and colour it in Illustrator then import it into Photoshop for some minor shading and highlighting. My most recent finished product using this method is my “Drag Racers” shirt.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.
Everytime I get a nice comment or a favourite is special! Its great to get feedback from people you admire. My first sale was also very exciting.

Two meaningful couple of comments I got recently were from Luis Perez and Selina Jackson. I had mentioned that I was struggling to find my own ‘style’ or even a common medium. They were both very reassuring that versatility is possibly not a bad trait and encouraged me to just keep going.

Show & tell: What three works or people on redbubble have moved or inspired you?

Wow, so many to pick from!!
Well first of all, Belinda Lindhardt here . Her colour pencils are just amazing and inspirational! She also (unknowingly) introduced me to Redbubble.

Melinda Kerr’s here image “Mother and child Northern Rwanda” Is easily the most moving photograph I’ve seen so far on Redbubble.
Oh!!!! Can I have four? :)

I think Paul Robertson here is an amazing pastel artist. I wish I was half as good!

Ok and lastly, Natalie Perkins, here because she has been so lovely and answered lots of my silly questions and is an amazing designer/illustrator. Thats what I want to be when I “grow up”.

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