My new best friend

My new best friend is an extension of myself, its like I got a new piece of me. Many of you will say wow she only just got a camera. Well it’s true, and my goodness how precious it is.

I used to walk around and see the most beautiful things and now I can capture these. As an artist with a not so good memory ( a mispent youth resulting in loss of too many brain cells) it is like someone has thrown me a life jacket.

So now you will be bombarded no doubt with pics from my new journey. I have already had three beautiful happy accidents. Just snapping away at these beautiful red flowers feeling frustrated that what I was seeing wasn’t the same thing that was looking back at me in the screen. Then to upload them and find them so beautiful and natural, nothing for me to do well I truly was amazed.

I have always relied on others to take photo’s of my work or what I needed for me, it feels so so wonderful to finally have the freedom to just snap away.

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