Job done!

I’ve spent the last 8 days slaving away long hours on a job for a disabled friend who lives locally, but now it’s finished and I can get back to the bubble.
While I’ve been away I’ve had Three bits of new kit delivered (nothing too exciting) and they all need to be tested…well tried out anyway.
A wireless flash trigger for my little studio (I got fed up with cables running around all over the place), a studio equipment bag to hold my lighting kit, this one was to keep my girlfriend sweet as she was getting fed up with stands and brollies all over the place, and finally a really neat monopod, It’s a Giottos P-Pod Multi Monopod which converts into a tripod (of sorts) with a tilt and swivel head and quick release shoe, which means I don’t have to take my studio tripod with me everywhere I go (It’s too big and bulky and was always a bit awkward to use out in the field).
Anyway I just thought I’d apologise to my friends on here for not being around and commenting on your work much while I’ve been gone, I expect I’ll be playing catch-up over the next couple of days.
Oh yeah… I had a local magazine contact me a couple of days ago about some of my images which they wanted to publish, which I’m really excited about.

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