Random Logic

I spent many hours of soul destroying work last night sorting my gallery by popularity, I chose the number of comments on an image as my sort key and set about the tedious task of sorting all 103 images into order. Whilst I was engaged in this mind numbing (and some may say, pointless) task, I got to thinking about what sells and why. Now, I figure that anybody who is on here has probably found themselves asking the same question, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if your only on here to learn from others and you’re only interested in feedback. Don’t kid yourself, the best compliment your gonna get on here is when someone likes a piece of your work enough to buy it! It’s a really compelling source of validation, and whats more, its incredibly addictive.

So anyway, sorting my gallery proved to be quite educational (for me at least). I concluded that some of the pieces that seemed unpopular were just that… not very good.. but why? I certainly thought they were good enough to upload at the time, and nobody said, “Hey Trevor that’s a really bad image”… they had just ignored them… hmmm. Then I got to looking at an image I had created specifically as a birthday card – this one:

It’s up for sale as a card only… well it would be, nothing wrong with that… Hmmm it’s only displayed in one group… hmmm well that won’t help much… But thats not the reason surely… (round about this point a small voice in the back of head started muttering_)
ah… I put a 50% markup on it so maybe its too expensive…hmm lets see… (the muttering got louder_)
£2.03 for a card… oh.. plus P&P hmmm well its a bit pricey, maybe I should drop the price a bit… but even if I cut my markup to 0% it would still be… ummm … £2.25 (incl)
(“and you’d pay that?”)
… well yes actually I would, cos it’s uniqe! … I did it and its unique…
(“Is it?”)
WTF are you talking about? …
so if you go into the card shop on the high street, you don’t think you’ll see anything like it?
… NO!…well..yes I suppose I’d probably find something similar… whats your point?…
and cheaper?
.. ummm… well …I guess so…yes it’d be cheaper… but…Oh!…

My brain finally shifted into gear…The image is certainly technically competent, but then so are most of the cards in the shops. It’s cute as well, but so are a lot of the cards in the shops. In fact many are better.
Nobody is really going to care that I took a lot of time and effort to produce this card, when they can just go and get one from the local shops which is just as good and a lot cheaper! Instantly! The only thing thats unique about this card is that it was produced by me! Other than that, its just an ordinary cute birthday card…

Now I know that some of you are going to be unimpressed by what must seem to you to be the ramblings of a mad man. But … I don’t care!
I’m now busily going though my other images and applying the same random logic to each and every one of them… if any are found wanting then there out!

Whilst i was undergoing this revelation, another part of my brain was thinking about what other people sold, Well thats what the Buyers booth is supposed to tell us, you say! Well yes, but it doesn’t really work does it? Only people who can really be bothered to photograph the goods they have bought and post the images, get in thier anyway. Thats only going to be a small percentage of works that have sold and its done from the buyers perspective.
It would be much more useful if someone created a group especially for work that had sold, then the sellers could promote themselves and everyone else could look at what actually sells on the bubble and hopefully learn from it!

Anyway back to my gallery, see you next Thursday! :o)

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