DO NOT DISTURB - Work in Progress

Yesterday I created a piece of artwork I called ‘The Vortex’, it started out as an attempt to draw a Chistmas tree Bauble, but I got drawn in and ended up creating something quite different.

Inspired by the Vortex I decided to create something else that would be a little more complex I’m it calling ‘JASS -72’ and while I’m working on that I’ve put up a couple of cards just to keep the ball rolling on the bubble so to speak.

I suddenly had a bright idea, I could actually get feedback on my creation by uploading an unfinished copy and asking you all for your feedback and Ideas in this journal… Soooo here is the current version:

and How it looked early this morning … see it’s comming along :o)

Let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate any feedback, currently I’m not sure if the planet works okay or not and I’m not sure about the colours on the space station.

I haven’t really had time to work on this image much over the last week or so, I’ve just added some light glows around the windows and moved the station a bit nearer. However I now know what to do to finish it off. I’m going to overlay a HUD display, as if you were approching the station in another ship. I also know what I’m going to call the finished piece. Anyway here is the image as it stands at the moment.

Okay its finished now so if you want to see the final product here it is:

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