My cat -hit by a car- died- and came back to life

about 10 minutes ago my brother started to shout from the bottom of the stairs
“NOO NOOOO” his voice was full of fear, i never heard that sort of tone used before.

i ran from my room to investigate, he was almost crying “NOOO NOT CHUFF, NOO!”

when i heard the name “chuff” i knew something had happened to our cat. I saw my brother going to the front door, it was open, it was after dusk outside and the wind was blowing.

i briskly reached the bottom of the stairs, my brother now in tears and sobbing “noo, nooo” I went to Rena, she was standing in the dim light with a cat in her arms, a dead cat. the wind was wild and Ian stood beside her. my brother collapsed on a garden chair roaring in tears. i could barely ask “WHAT HAPPENED?”, i just got a reply, “SHE’S DEAD ZARAH, SHE’S DEAD”.

I broke down, Cal was crying, Rena was standing with the dead cat in her arms, blood dripping everywhere and i was crying on her shoulder. Ian stood and cursed the person who did it. The wind was still blowing wildly and we were standing with our clothes and hair blowing, bare foot crying our hearts out for the little cat, that didn’t deserve this. i touched its head and little blood droplets fell on my fingers. it made me cry even more. my mother told us


but she was crying too and nothing could console us. my brother was angry. he stood up, tears and sobs and came to chuff to take another look. we all stood huddled outside the front door. it was open and the things inside the door were beginning to be blown around by the wind. our tears came in bursts, and cries too.

then from sheer fright cal shouted


he sounded like he was shocked, i looked up from my mother’s shoulder, i saw a cat running in through the kitchen door. it was unmistakable. brown tabby marks. black spots and patches. it was chuff alright. she came back from the dead. my mother let a huge magnanimous laugh out of her and i threw my head back in laughter too. Cal went after her calling her like a baby, “CHUFF< COME HERE < COME ON CHUFF”

Rena wasn’t holding chuff in her arms, it was tigger, out neighbours cat. She was holding the empty body of a little 9 year old’s cat. I carried the cat to their house, wrapped in a towel. I didn’t even put shoes on, i was crying for their loss, didn’t think.

as i knocked on the door another burst of tears came rolling out even though i tried to hide it. i felt so bad for the poor animal.

Chuff is alive. I can’t describe how I feel right now. I had prepared myself to face the death of my cat, I had EMOTIONALY prepared myself and then I realised that it was all a hoax of some sort. It’s the most horrible feeling ever.

I love you CHUFF

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