Well, i have just returned home from a days shopping in Limerick.

I hate that saying “shop til you drop”… why, why do we have to be such consumers.

It’s rather embarrassing actually. The reason why i was…er.. Shopping like a “girly girl” was because i have my GRADUATION coming up, in 4 days actually (talk about last minute) and i had to get a dress…

Oh man, talk about pain stakingly painfully staking. I hate shopping, it makes me feel so bad. Firstly it was one of the hottest days of the year so far, about 500 degrees and double that in shops. Secondly: there was too much bloody choice, which on certain days s a good thing, but when you are feeling like a commando who wants to go IN AND OUT IN 80 MINUTES it’s a nightmare.

I definitely am a disgrace to the female race, i really don’t like to shop. Trying on clothes when I’m sticky, hot and bothered, forking over money that was hard earned (or in my case, er.. given, WHAT!? i’m in school, i cant work)….

I just don’t understand ppl who can spend hours going through rails and rails of clothes…

here is a tip, if someone ever wants to torture me, then just put me in a monsoon shop or a Zara shop and let me loose. I’d go bloody insane.

and to top it off, I had Sam with me. She equally despises this “pastime” so we were like two cranks going around.. hahah

the best thing is, we saw a shop that sold transparent umbrellas and our eyes totally lit up. We both bought one.. it would take us to buy umbrellas in the height of summer, and we were walking around with them like two mountain climbers hahaha

I actually got a dress surprisingly… but that enough f that girly business, the best thing i bought was…
drum role please jeeves


a little piggy bank BUT it isn’t just any piggy bank. it is silver, and reflective! i was amusing myself in the shop by pulling all sorts of faces. I’m totally gonna take a few pics for RB

its soooo cool.

ok thx for listening to be cool off after my stressful day.

(sorry if there are spelling mistakes, but I’m totally frazzled :P)

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