The wind angrily knotted her hair as she ran swifter than the violent storm could carry her. Her heavily plodding boots echoed the rolling thunder above her. Her eyes were struck with lightning. Her only saviour was the rain that hid the tears falling down her face. The growling sky was enough to comfort her beaten whimpers.

Sheltered by a forested road, she began to slow her pace and tried to quieten her nervous panting. The pain of the kicks, the scratches, the bangs pulsed her heart. She was petrified and her eyes twitched with ferocious fear that she has been followed. Convulsions caused a cacophony of lonely cries. Her face was wet, blood, tears and raindrops merged. The shower of rain falling through treetops softened the earth beneath her. Boots sinking, knees bleeding, blisters forming and she ran. She cried and ran and fell out of breathless pity for what she knew would have to end. The black mud smothered her legs, her miserable clothes were ragged and torn, as was her broken skin.

Cold crunches came from behind her, as if large feet crushed the earth. Her stomach lurched, her body stiffened and she jolted like an electric spring. Only now the elements could give her the energy to escape. The thunder pounded every fear from her heart; flickers of light studded her pupils.

Images of death were surrounding her. The taste of blood went back her throat. The wind and the rain beat wickedly into her face, her path was barely visible yet knowing it better than the back of her hand she followed the branches in darkness. She bolted once more like a terrified goat when, from the corner of her eye she saw the movement of her stalker. Her heart pumped and pumped and her legs ran as fast as the wind.

The black shadow was moving in. The beast abounded with fierce hunger to catch its prey. Sleek from the rain and blacker than night, it homed in and kept a steady eye on its terrified target.

She knew her only escape was to keep moving but her legs were weak, her cuts were paining and the scent of blood so strong that not even a monsoon could dampen. She began to recognise a familiar route. Her mind meddled with her thoughts. She was confused, scared. Beating every bit of flight she had left in her, she swiftly turned and descended down a long unsteady mound of trembling earth. The black monstrous beast was just as agile as her and followed with hungry determinationā€¦

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  • Estelle O'Brien