Gregory Edwards

San Angelo, United States

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Mixed media, 300res, ~4500×6000dpi. created this 2010 with an abundance of mother picture promptings. Often after creating a series my mind overflows with words which can embarrace me in retrospect, but why bend the word flow. I let them come on out as a kind of part two or perhaps somekind of a ballance act in my head:

WELL then lets make a real feel of a felt deal delta stampted with these undrying letters Warning! The alphabet has been over oiled and misled so remission is the consistant decimalic flylox—once a day consumem in any way stick or stoy. I not talk talking walking is what i am thinking when i see you blink to now collective the link. Ya think? Just ask Jester of the stereo singing quiz. He said while walking waking thinking and blink blinkox anglez blinko and let goo flow from the depths unsolo from the fig tree trail mix Jesus fix see for real and so did then the tree lower its highest unaccessible single figged tree to give to him because the tree could see into his heart like in you giving to gave bravely and dizzy with hunger, what fig trees do TAKE NOTE OF AS OFFERED FROM TWITTER BIRDS SIPPING DRIPPING SOUL SINGING DROPOSITS GLITZED IN SONIC GOLD UNSOLD SOLO IN THE KEY ODDITY WEDLOCK TRIP CLICK CLOCKS BETWEEN SCRIPT LINES plus a rock and I didn’t have a trans rex with that girl, it was only transparent sex. Read the Congressional Text. PER SE XXZIO, volume twenty six and a HALF sex page dirty, THRIFTY AND thirty…now correct me if i am wrong or stiffle your you undue if not new known freely AS WAS IS TO see the key gate waiter dandy asK IF GAZERS LIKE candy unstuck in caverna nervosa as the next acidic rock group, forgot who, but ZeRIC NAMED ‘em SPIMPSTERS and RewrOTE HIS STORY TO NOT SOUND DISCOGNIZANT IN FRONT OF HOME TOWN STUCK PEERS SO THUS HE called them the who, woa way back in a Foghat feathership, powered with ACDC BACK IN BLack, a kind of sonic boom. Later that a.m. I had eyes that would not blink and ears that could not wiggle. In a home made falacy, I think I walked into intersections alit in red light cross traffic fixation you migh say I la la laughed as car locks clicked down as fast as a horizontal bit of plastic at warp two or was it three, you see before is was, I was abuz as forgetting tocks in clocks finally free ’em of work thoughts and in an instant no donut sickness in that magical red light zone of the moment, alone, in the present pleasant presence. Now hop within hope envisionings back over the left field fence calling them rightly nightly. We shake unmistaken as sOME SOS-LESS STAMMER AND STARE AT INVISIBLE STAIRS WHEN CLIMED FINDS ALL THERE STARES EMOTIONALLY ENMESHED IN RACIAL MEMORY with no defences, NO NOTHING CAME TO HELP IN THE DEEPEST OF GRIM MIND SPLITTING UNHIDDEN INSAINITY FOR THE cHURCH FOLKS TO INGROUP AND BOND BETTER AS THE WATCHING WEB GETTER SET UP PIMP POPPING MIMES. Thus today we have Dividing Station areas HID MUCH SO STAND TALL IN RIGHTOUSNESS STILL LIFE DIDACTS THE ATTACKS WRITTEN THROUGH THE UNLYING EYES OF THE SOUL LIVING IN hell Shells, AND FORGIVE TO LIVE LIFE AND LOVE hiders and healthless hoaders taking hey! him too back strap horrid lines on sacks surely unmistaken and in reality for I have seen a mixed mans back with straps unnumbered as saddened strips coated of nine tails without numbers to a friend in prison alive young and with many years after acting in a rage and i hurt so turn the page…in all seriousness punless karma third rock delusion crews see what the racial accusations set up in the fear based follow of the fall in a cross of changes. See to it and ask kindly that reality is a truth to free us from all centricities as a golden race reemerges. But for now we need the Tap roots of survival on a Soon unfrozen Antartica where the sun always nearly shines as tropic like paramedics find a fit name with no pm dawn and noted were southern lights as the atmophere held the correct nature of sought temperation station well potentiated with rational minds without a wish want nor even a why. I having seen without sunshine and without uv ray eye protectants freely uncommerced for use with peeks of an ill filtered sun occlusion signals and signs are all manifest in these End of 24/7 Days and I thank nature for Jonas swell wale but soon I will no more carry heavy heart thinking less than the best as the best back pregreen land with no alchohol to have hold in make believe eve offing the Oatprice dollar staked out and priceless being blessed with a bliss unlisted, can’t even ask a Woo Wiz or a Wee playing with, thats right, a full deck and a full glass of halftime flourishing enrichment of vibrATORY CLEAnsing dna families entailing Solomic Science over gain as we truth of right sight see clearly the cause of rogue laws headless horsemen calls and seperation water way walls. The follow of the fall did not happen so easily. So grab very cold wire with no fences and free the earth in electric breezes easing the thousand year time atmospheric offensive cold dusted in high plane gold to resolve the riders rock wobble war world. Or don’t because it is too LATE WITHOUT E.T. GODS GOing GOld PING GONE on high with the wind to end to polar REFUGE And our lineage sighted a well lighted common communion planet to be fruitful and exponential in fertility justice so as to not see brightly just us in our LAND BACK wiith new places totum and of the great banning of victumless crimes for ANEWDAY Edenic garden. ANTARTICA WILL BE A WONDER WORLD FILLED WITH A WIDEST ARRAY OF INCUBATED FRUITION AND TRUELY AN END TO THE WOBBLE DAYS.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait

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