It may be true that mind finds itself silenced and yes yea hopefully set down to rest of gone and by the way. We are thus free still standing. Who is this still there buoyant shining in full? Has our long incubate destiny been potentiated in this reach for a new apex? Within every resonating truth our every blessing is availed through every path of least resistance offering us a new day dawning.

I seek meaning in the creative process. I feel empowered when suspended in a kind of flow or mode. My intent when creating inspirational art and writing continues to be embedded within my journey into an evernew now. In this I find ways to shape and share “truth of self with appreciable otherness.” I like to define art as a platform upon which near-tangible mind stuff can nest and where labels are illusive. Without an objective viewer association I like to think that preconscious archetypes have an opportunity to make themselves known. Thus viewer experiences are unique yet universal.

My hope is that you will gain insight into the human condition as you are prompted to make science out of your sensory experiences. May you feel and relate to art with a new appreciation for it as a tool more fully availed for our next great self-discovery.

Viewer illusions inherent in ambiguity feed our curiosity and
stimulate our need for insight into the human condition. See what emotions nest as you project discover and realize
something greater than the sum of every there and then. I believe in a collective calm calling coming forth now in unprecedented mass.

Like a near-remembered dream feelings convey to us directly our need for meaning in life.

The envisioning procession that catalystical art invokes is not only a path above and beyond some mind-map-maze, it is a path to something greator than ourselves alone. It reveals our compassion for one another .

When I create art and start to notice picture polarity, I find ways to keep it unlocked and in flux. It is easy to rotate the manifest and unhinge it from any finale dot of definition.

Projective viewer creations enable a fertile setting for mystical intrigue. The viewer’s mind is more fully engaged because of its habit of necessity to make sense out of what we experience. I like to think that perhaps new neural paths emerge as the pool of perception broadens. Thus my intent is to run the associative bank dry.

Know that together we shine in full.

An incident first grade first day before first bell, I had a healthy developing self concept. As that day progressed, I was sent home in afternoon. Mrs Walls and Principal patteled me 20 times 12 ea for standing up for myself. I did not understand why they were manic mad. They thought I was going to shit on Douglas, and were dead set to mortify me. I did not know the word. That implant was linked to my hiding out…coming into being recent. I am space relation visual art and poetry creator.

  • Age: 59
  • Joined: May 2008


Arrested Development in 1st grade

Fall falling felled! I am a little child growing emotionally. Wounded, lost face… and the cardinal cause was not understood. / My first clue: I was cleaning a Childs pee spot at Department of Human Services. Responding quickly I impressed “Rapid Rita.” She walked fast and was walking right toward me while on my knees. That setting keyed in a hard core shameful; toxic panic attac…
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What is this the

The The of This / By Greg Edwards / August / Time is the first illusive inversion into the the of this milestone “head-scratching discovery.” One to ensure our earthly mythos to help us extend beyond the “there and then” envisioning either to move away from pain or to move toward pleasure. Time is the first collective evidence that people are real, will make mistakes, can do perfect things and ar…
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Hope and a Future

I like to re-develop things in life that help me navigate through the feelings of failure that come up as I still have not given up any of my goals towards a more lucid meaningful relationship with my environments. It has been exciting and devastating. Exciting when I am internet enabled and the various events I engage with raise my self-esteem, though I claim to hide out in present time I do thi…
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A New Day

In a near-continous mode of trying I dream the impossible and hopefully awaken to the possible. I wish for a lifted view evernew where all things possible dwell in everchanging potential. Once lifted the menial thought stream of verbosity pans in poetic justice where semantical juxtopositioning meshes clearly…respect the void clauses are keenly santa filled. Perhaps I think a drive by thoug…
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