Jenessa and The Old Knights

Jenessa had been traveling for several days with her new friend Lingso Priest of the Light. It struck her as odd that she was traveling with a priest. She was not the religious type, but then Lingso was not the average Priest. He intrigued her greatly; she must know more about this strange young man. “So Lingso, why are you leaving anyway?”
“I ran into some trouble at home. Plus I have to find the Dragon Knights.” There was no falseness in his voice. He was telling her the truth. This was a surprise to Jenessa. She wanted to hear more from what appeared to be a pure soul.
“The Dragon Knights? Why don’t you tell me about them.”
Lingso seemed to jump at the chance. “I’ll start at the beginning, before the fall of culture, back in the time of the ancients. In the beginning this world was just a large jungle dotted with warring tribes. It was a fight for survival, a fight against man, nature, and beast. The beasts of those days were not at all like the ones we have today. They were huge! Larger than any castle we now have.
Eventually, after years of warring, allegiances, and betrayals, six main tribes emerged. They were given the names of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. These names were based on their locations. The Fire tribe was located near the volcanoes, the Wind tribe was in the valleys near mountain ranges were the wind whistled through, the Water tribe was centered on the coast, the Earth tribe occupied the mountains, the Light tribe was located near the edge of the world where it would stay light for months, and the Dark tribe was located in the deepest regions of the jungle where the sun was said not to shine. Each tribe had an apparent leader, four men and two women. Casimir led the Dark tribe, Murchadh led the Water tribe, Martin led the Fire tribe, Logan led the Wind tribe, Anastasia led the Light tribe, and Granya led the Earth tribe.
One day the six leaders met in a large council and forged an alliance against the beasts that terrorized them. The great dragons were hard at work destroying their people and property. At this time, all the leaders were young men and women, younger than we are now. Granya was the oldest and she was but seventeen. They were all brave, but foolish. They were mere mortals and could not stand up to the dragons. Still they each faced the dragon terrorizing their land individually. For some unknown reason, these six young people gained the respect of the ancient beasts, and they bestowed the mere mortals with the gifts of the dragons. Each leader could now control the element that their tribe was named after. The rulers respected the dragons for their gifts and cared for the great beasts. This is how they became known as the Dragon Knights.
After years, the six Knights had united their tribes and formed cities. Over an unnatural lifespan of hundreds of years, the Knights cultivated civilization, and with it grew wealth and power. Something else also grew, suspicion and greed. Soon Martin decided that there was an unfair alliance between Granya and Logan. This created a rift between the Knights. Soon the Knights descended back into petty squabbling. Casimir retreated back into his woods with his people. Anastasia decided that she was the only one fit for ruling and tried to bully the others into following her. Martin took this as an insult and went to war against Anastasia. Murchadh grew tired of Martin’s anger and Anastasia’s tyranny, and joined the fight. Logan was shifting his allegiance constantly. Poor Granya, she tried as hard as she could, but her world was collapsing. She died seventeen years after the Great Split, as it was later called. Legend said she died of a broken heart. The dragons who had bestowed their gifts on these humans became angered. These were not the noble being they granted immortality to. These were nothing more than bickering humans. The dragons could not take away the power they gave the humans, but they could curse them and further generations. From that day on, each Knight had a curse they had to endure, or they would lose themselves.
Now the dragons were wise and based the curse on a negative personality trait each of their Knights possessed. Granya was stubborn, so the Earth Knight will have to avoid blind persistence or be turned to stone. Martin was quick to anger and stayed angry, so the Fire Knight will have to avoid rage, or be turned into a monster. Logan was indecisive and easily persuaded, so the Wind Knight will have to have conviction, or be lost to the wind. Casimir was a loner, so the Dark Knight will need the company of friends, or turn into a creature of the night. Murchadh was unnecessarily passionate, so the Water Knight will have to remained balanced, or turn into a violent storm of passion. Anastasia was conceited, so the Light Knight will have to be modest, or turn into a tyrant.
After the curses were laid in place, the dragons disappeared and the world fell into chaos. No one is sure why the dragons left, they might have even died. When they left, they took their long live spans with them. The reaming five Knights died on the spot. Perhaps, this was the ultimate revenge of the dragons.”
Jenessa listened intently to Lingso’s every word. After he finished, he looked at her. She thought for a long while, then asked, “So why do you have to reunite the Dragon Knights?”
Lingso looked surprised. “Because I am one. I am the Light Dragon.”
Jenessa seemed to easily accept this as if everyday her friends turned out to be super powered. All she said was, “I thought they were called the Knights, like Light Knight.”
Lingso smiled. “They were, but I didn’t like my title rhyming.” Jenessa started laughing uncontrollably. He didn’t want to rhyme, of course. Lingso too laughed as he realized what he said.
“Come along, Lingso. We should rest. You can tell me more in the morning. I will need another good laugh like that after tonight.” Lingso followed Jenessa to a clearing and they made camp. He would tell her more in the morning.
As they fell asleep, Lingso said to himself, “Light Dragon sounds better than Light Knight.”
As the sun slowly rose above the hills, Lingso and Jenessa awakened and started packing up the camp. “Lingso, will you tell me more about these Dragon Knights?” Jenessa asked playfully. “You left off with the curses, and the death of the Knights.”
Lingso nodded and began, “You might think that the Dragon Knights ended there, but they did not. The power and curses are passed on to some other person in the world. There is no way of knowing who the power will next manifest itself in. The powers just randomly appear in a person after the former Dragon has died. Many people go throughout their lives not even knowing that they have this power. That is why my mission is so hard. It is almost impossible to find the new Dragons. In fact, it is so hard that not since the first Dragon Knights has there ever been even two of the Dragons, let alone all of them, together and aware of their powers.” Lingso finished, shook his head, and sighed. Then he looked up and smiled at Jenessa, “but that won’t stop me.”
Jenessa stared in awe at this young man; even in the face of impossible odds he remained cheerful and optimistic. She didn’t understand how he remained so sunny. “How do you know?” was all she could manage to ask.
“I will,” Lingso answered. His voice didn’t show the slightest hint of doubt, instead it was full of conviction.
Jenessa nodded in turn, she was starting to believe that his man could in fact reunite the Dragon Knights. “Well allow me to be of some assistance.” Lingso looked at her, confused. She smiled. “I will teach you how to fight, not only with your hands, but also with weapons like the bow and swords.” Lingso was speechless. “I will take that as a yes,” Jenessa said. Lingso stopped. “What is it?” asked Jenessa.
Lingso looked her directly in the eyes. Jenessa was taken aback by the stunning blue of his eyes. “I will let you teach me only if I know more about you. I want to make sure you are a good person. I cannot accept favors from someone who will use it against me later.”
Jenessa looked at him. She saw the wisdom in his words. She knew she would not do that, but he didn’t. If he was going to help restore this world to what it once was, he could not be in debt to anyone. “I will help you, and you don’t have to give me anything in return. In fact you have already paid in the form of company and entertainment. I will tell you about myself, though. Just so you know I keep my word.” Lingso nodded. Jenessa began, “I grew up in a far off little village by the name of Corydon. It is a very small village, no more than 200 people in the whole town. It is snuggled in the western mountains of the Arzu range. I grew up there with my mother; my father had died only a few months after I was born. He was one of the warriors. He was defending the town from the bandits that plagued the realm. I had one very good friend growing up, Caberte. He was the son of the chief of our village. We did almost everything together. We went to school, helped in the fields, and learned about the surrounding area, all together. Then came the day when he turned 15, and he was sent to learn how to be a warrior and a statesman. He was two years older than me, and the only thing I could think about doing those two years was joining him. Finally the day came when I turned 15. Caberte came to the celebration. It was then that I learned that I was not to receive training to become a warrior or statesman; I was to learn to be a good wife. I was not going to be with Caberte at all. I had lost my best friend. It was on that day that I decided to leave the safety of our village. That day I left my life at Corydon, my life with Caberte, behind. I haven’t been back since. I then traveled the world, but I don’t think you need to hear all of those stories. It has been ten long years since I have been back home, but I am finally making the journey.”
Jenessa got a faraway look in her eyes. She was remembering the good times she had in her village, and Lingso did not want to disrupt her. She was lucky. She had fond memories of her home. Lingso, Lingso did not. Then he shook his head. He did have fond memories, not so much of his home, but of a friend. Lingso looked over at Jenessa, and he guess her memories too were about a friend. Lingso was content to walk beside his new friend and hope that her friend Caberte was just as kind as she remembered him because she deserved more than just memories. “A memory is all I have left,” Lingso said quietly to himself.

Jenessa and The Old Knights


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