My pursuit of happiness


Will Smith produced his best critical performance in “Pursuit of Happiness”. His character used absolutely every measure at his disposal to get done what only he could do. That is, that true life character acted on his and his son’s behalf in a way that only he could perform.

Each one of us has a similar opportunity. I want to see the next President of the United States come from the greatest consensus possible. I recently confirmed my voting status and checked on the delivery date of the absentee ballot.

I have just posted three T-shirts promoting this critical joint venture, i.e. voting. I think that I can say without mistake that the general election in the United States has global significance. I have posted the shirts with 0% mark-up as a nod to the level of commitment that I think that it takes for the process to be strong and healthy.

I am urging each one of you to remind yourselves and your friends of the critical nature of this looming event and to promote participation in whatever fashion is available to enhance the greatest voting turnout and consensus for this watershed election.


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