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I explore the intersection of fractal geometry and quantum physics. Since it takes time to experience the typically acknowledged three physical dimensions, we actually live everyday in 4-D. I can only guess that somebody thought similarly when the band “The Fifth Dimension” was named. Fractal geometry attempts to address the repetitions, the cycles, that we experience anecdotally in our swim here.

Now take a step back from that string of slowly migrating repetition (fractals do not typically re-instantiate exactly as the previous iteration, but tend to differ slightly, and thus “migrate” over a number of iterations), and consider the cosmologists and astronomers information regarding the identification of thirteen billion year old light (one source is

The connection between fractal geometry and quantum physics that I am making is what I describe as an expanded slinky (Slinky is a trademark of Poof-Slinky, Inc.). We can view the iterations of fractal geometry across space/time, but I believe the whole setup to be more really akin to multiple, simultaneous instantiation (Can we just call it simultaneous repetition?) as described by quantum physics. The iterations of the fractal being equated to the simultaneous instantiation of an event(s). The real bender is when we extrapolate the self-similar notion of fractals to the container of the fractal, reality/creation/you-name-it, which suggests that there is in fact no repetition of anything since the entirety of infinity is self-similar unto itself. Another angle on the mystery is that a black hole can be seen as a compressed slinky (“flexible, helical spring” just doesn’t capture the imagination the same way does it?), from which no experience of iteration/multiple instantiation can be experienced since the representation of the event no longer meets our experiential definition of space nor time, but conceptually can be seen as a subset of infinity, which (grin) is infinity, isn’t it?

So time equals space and thus all time happens simultaneously. There are at least two proofs of that. One is that we are seeing thirteen billion year old light. That time is still occurring by virtue of us experiencing it. A second is that, if time does equal space, and I think that it must for us to experience space at all, then consider how unlikely it seems that not all of the world exists all of the time. Time is merely a different measure of whatever space is. I suspect there is a relationship here similar to volts and amps in electricity. According to some, there is no relationship, but the funny thing is that they are both used to calculate ohms, thus there is one.

Anyway, I am throwing one more associative notion into the mix by proposing that memory is the same as the 13 billion year old light. My motives for producing art and carrying on so are the same as any kid’s sitting on the beach goofing off making a castle or some such. So what other lights do we have in our midst that are going undetected?

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