I thought I heard you
When I made my way
To home from the cathedral
But it must have been the voices
Of those sinners and saints
I’ve been listening to
Forever, they drone on
Bleeding into my thoughts
Couldn’t be you, I said
You’re no longer in my dreams
You’ve made your way to other side
Why do you have to stay with me?

I hear you laugh
And for a second, I turn
See nothing but the dark
To greet me
Yet I feel the spirit
As it embraces me tonight
But it must be the warmth
Rising from the ground
Cold to heat, it couldn’t be you
I said you’ve done your time
Move on up to Heaven
Instead of staying behind

To home from the cathedral
I swear you are with me
But maybe I’m daydreaming
About another man
Cause in my head, I still see
Him by the cathedral
Standing there, waving at me
I swear he’s still with me
But I think I’m in too deep
Since he’s no longer in dreams
He’s not a part of me
He’s got too much to deal with
Why waste it on me?

I thought it was that time
When you would come home
And I would find you there
At the bottom of the stairs
Of the cathedral
Of home
And he said were you
Waiting on me?

~Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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