I Got a Lady

Sorry for missing your call
I’m afraid I’m a bit tied up
Between the cord and the work
I should be doing
If you leave a message
I might get back
But I promise you no guarantees
Tonight may be the best or worst
night of my life

Cause I got a lady
Who handed me a one-way ticket
To a meltdown
I got a lady who sent me down
The boulevard of heartbreak

Please excuse me for taking time
There’s nothing more I’d like to do
Than answer back my phone calls
But I’m stick here, stuck like glue
Stuck to her with no way out
I hear everything you’re saying so
Leave me a message after the tone
I’ll get back whenever
If I can get back at all

Cause I got a lady
And she’s taking up my life
Making each day a little struggle
I got a lady with those fire-red lips
One kiss and I’ve burned off my tongue

She’s my heartache in stockings
She’s my little white lie in a dress
She’s everything my mother told me
I should never try out
She will break you up and tear you down
Still, I can’t help myself
I’m drawn to her
Like a fly, I’m drawn to her
My little black widow
My lady

Forgive me if it’s late at night
I didn’t get the messages till now
I didn’t know it would take so long
But let it be known that I was right
I certainly had what I would call
The best and worst night of my life

Cause I got a lady
Who stood my soul up
When I went to see her tonight
I got a lady
With a degree in breaking hearts
And tonight she experimented with mine

I got a lady
Who broke my heart
And I still came out fine

-Copyright 2008: Carter tachikawa

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