Oh, Mother

Long ago, you were the world
Made of ocean and sand
You were the ground we stood upon
Go up, we’d always come down to you
You made up our trees and mountains
Your face was our prairies
Your body was the shore
You had it all and you had us
Never knowing where we would lead you

Oh, Mother
Look at where the times have gone
Look at what you’ve become
Were you always such a wasteland
And we didn’t know till now?

You made the ground for us to stand on
Not the wall we could lean on
You made the breeze that blows by
But not the words we choose to speak
You were the earth
Nothing more than the dirt
Once you were precious
Now no one cares to know your name

Oh, Mother
Where has your grace gone?
Where do you hide your compassion?
When the small feet run over you
Do you wonder where they’re going?

You were the quicksand
We could sink into, sinking
You never were the hands
To drag us to the open air
You created the foundation
But you forgot about love
Oh, Mother
How could you forget about love?

Mother, Oh Mother
My beautiful, dry mother
Where have you put your grace?
Is it where the hungry can’t see?
Is it where the sad won’t wander?
Is it a secret that you and you alone
Will carry to the grave?

Oh, Mother
You’ve got a sick sense of humor
Catastrophes and tragedies
Overlooking the beauty you created
Forgetting what you are
Forgetting how beautiful you were
Forgetting about your love
That built the land

Oh, Mother
Were you always a wasteland
Without love?

-Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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