This Little Fire

Forgive me, if you please
I’m a bit of an attention whore
This little fire within me
Is desperate to become a blaze
I’ve got dreams in my pocket
I’ve got the future in the sky
I’ve got a glowing ember for a soul
And I’m ready to take on the world

Don’t turn away from me
I said don’t turn away from me
I’m desperation in the form of a human
And I need a little more of your time
Please, sir, give me some time
I’m a broken celebrity, you see
I’ve got the talent but I don’t roll in dough
Help the talented, help out the talented
Give them a little more of your time
I said give them more of your time

Burn, baby, burn
I’m burning up now
Burn, baby, burn
Don’ t you try and put me out
You picket the line but you won’t cross
To see the talent on the other side
This little fire is a desperate star
Desperate to streak the night sky
I’m going to streak across the night sky

Excuse me, please, if I run naked
I’m only trying to catch your eyes
I’m a whore with whose only pimp
Is pleasure so please please
I said please please please
This little fire within me
Is desperate to grow up into a blaze
I said this little fire is desperate
To go out in a blaze

~Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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