Touch the Sky

I tried to touch the sky
Except I couldn’t hold onto it
It seemed to slip away
Along with the memories of him
They said that he was found
Alone and afraid, that look
Of shock still frozen
And the crowds stood aside
While they rolled him out

I wish I had been there
Cause I’m a masochist
I like to drown myself in pain
From those who hurt themselves
From those who hurt me
I let the water over my head
Don’t say I should not
Don’t say it anymore

I feel him when the wind blows
Almost sweeping me away
The winter comes in too soon
my world becomes a fucking icicle
My face is like glass in a storm
Dry and cold, tossing back and forth
I’ve been thrown so far up
I’m surprised I haven’t broken

I wish I could feel him near
When I go outside and look up
Is Heaven what it’s cracked up to be
Or only existing in our heads?
I like to think when I’m in the storm
If the pain is worse for them or me
Don’t say I shouldn’t do it
Don’t say it anymore

I tried to touch the sky today
I almost touched the sky today
The sunset moved away
Slipping from my view
I wanted to touch the sky
To hold him one last time
But all I found myself with
Was the precious fist of air
He never got
I touch the sky
In hopes of hearing, seeing
a goodbye

~Carter Tachikawa: Copyright 2008

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