1010 Washburn Way

Screams in the night
From the spiral steps downward
She’s running from her demons
In her mind, she’s far away
She’s where no one can hurt her
But herself

He can see no one but her
And how she mocks him in silence
So he teaches her a lesson
That he feels she forgot
He teaches her the lesson
The most important life lesson
To learn living on Washburn Way

She grows smaller before him
And smaller within herself
She knows what her tears taste like
She’s had them time and time again
He makes sure she never forgets
The taste of them or the blood that spills
From inside to the front step

Down Washburn Way, they say
They can hear the arguments ringing
And they can smell the beatings
That leave stains on the rug and marble
Still, no one questions why
They see the problems they can’t fix
House 1010 is the house of shrieking
And the house where no one sleeps
Until now, that is

She screams to save them
But they fall on the ears that refuse
To hear another word from her
So she becomes another stain
Another memory of that night
That bitter cold that came in
through the door and stayed
When all ended the peace
At 1010 Washburn Way

In her mind, she knew
She was far away
Far enough to forget
1010 Washburn Way
She only remembers that it’s
Where pain came from

-Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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