When I'm in Pain

Well, I’m a little waste
But I’m still a waste
It’s the way I feel around you
That makes me ill
Happiness doesn’t come around, you say
Well, I say that you’re right
Cause people don’t look at me
Even through the rose glasses
Cause they want the pain
When I give the pleasure
Still, I can’t deliver beauty
No first class beauty
Unless I’m in pain

A closed front door brings visitors
More often than the unlocked windows
They whisper as they float on
Yet the laugter never draws them close
Always the tears, you say
And I’m a little ugly
That still makes me ugly
When I surround myself with you
I never stop being ugly
I can draw up conversations faster
Than I can draw up with smiles
No pleasure on this cruise, dear
You only like it when I’m in pain

I become worthwhile
When I complain
I am something
When I cry
I lose it all when I grin
And I suck in my gut
My soul means nothing
But break it, you’ll cry
Cause my pleasure is empty
But my pain is my join
I can’t deliver beauty
On a pleasure ship
But I know pain first-hand
And I can introduce you
when you come around
to see my pain

I guess I’m beautiful
When I’m in pain

-Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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