The Solitary Ones

The solitary ones
Have no home to live in
Have no shoulders for cying on
Have nothing in their hands
Nothing but grim to wash off
No one to wash it off for them

Little restless, little helpless
Cogs that they can’t get to work
Cause no ones got the wrenches
And the screws are loose and invisible
No can fix the broken houses
Of the solitary ones

Silence fills the halls and roads
They hear the music no one else can
They have empty beds to sleep in
And no one’s hand to hold onto to
Just another day in the empty world
Of the solitary ones

No homes to live in
No shoulders for crying on
Nothing in their hands
But grime no one will wash
Just grime mixed with misery
For the solitary ones

-Copyright 2008: Carter Tachikawa

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