Getting on the path

Trying to get on the path for sales. My 2014 “resolution” is to get to the graphics and stick with it. While many (or most) artists must share their lives between “making money” and “making art”, this year I’m going to go on the path to do both through art. I enjoy nature and art – art developed from my field trips through nature.

I have “joined” Adobe’s Behance and began my portfolio. Wow, this site is so chock full of artists – the kind I term “real” artists as opposed to me (who does her art when time and life offers and appropriate time).

Now I never want art to be a “job.” I do want it to take the place of a “job” in supporting me. Wow, is that having my cake and eating it too? We’ll see. Join me along my journey this year – see how I make out on this adventure.

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