My Bubbleday

And what an amazing year it has been :))

I started shooting a month before I joined this community, and since then, can’t believe how things have changed ..I have met so many people, and out of those people, made some excellent friends (won’t name you ..hope I don’t have to xx)
I feel my photography has come on heaps – and that is down to some fantastic motivation, help and inspiration from those around me.

I have 4 pages up at the moment , and have had 17425 views ..and out of those, my personal faves are:
Green Folds
Serene Intensity
Let it wash over you
and Streetwalker2 which all seem to be quite I must have some taste !

Anyway..just want to say a big thanks to everyones support, say what a great community it is …and a big group hug to all :)

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