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A victory for people power!

Hello to all here on RB!

I’m back on! Well, sort of…. Recently, a lots been going on in my life – on of the busiest periods I can remember. RB and my photography has taken a real hit because of this and I must say, I wish I could spend more time here with all the brilliant people on RB!! For now, this is all I have the time to write (as well as what’s to follow – that’s the important bit!!) but I’ll make sure to get round to everyones recent work and check it out! As well as reply to all the superb comments you have all left on photos and in journal entries – I’ve managed to read them all, although there’s been no time for replying. There are comments from nearly a month ago that I haven’t gotten back to people on yet – replies and comments are coming soon!

The group I’m hosting has also taken a hit; features haven’t been done for nearly a month! Banners haven’t been handed out for challenge winners, etc – it’s all but stopped at the moment. If anyone reading this would like to help out co-hosting, just let me know! Any help, great or small, would be much appreciated! I’m thinking, at this point, I may have to let the group go – I may have bitten off more than I can chew trying to host one at the moment.

Anyhow – to the point that I’m here to tell you about!


In all truth, I can hardly believe it myself. Not very often does people power win over something this large – especially something environmental. If this is new to you – please visit my journal entries ‘A pledge’ and ‘Update on the Trawler!’. Links can be found on the side of this page.

While the law hasn’t officially been changed yet – still has to finish going through parliament – it looks pretty definite at this point. The boat has been in the process of gaining access for the last seven years, so many politicians and other political figures are outraged at this decision. But I wholeheartedly say “Shove it up your a*** you inept fools!” This would have been the biggest environmental disaster in Australia for the last 50 years. This is massive. While the current ban on the vessel lasts just two years – legislation will change to ban vessels of this capacity outright. So no more selling fish back to poor African nations at just a dollar a kilo because you have already fished them dry!

All up, the petition that was created had nearly 100,000 signatures on it when it was handed in and over $25,000 was raised. The federal environment minister, Tony Burke, said that if it wasn’t for people power, this would never have been stopped. He also said “I wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on” – we all know that’s a bit rubbish, but it worked so we achieved something. And something big.

Just want to say a truly huge thanks to everyone that has helped out this cause – you all deserve a massive pat on the back! Without your help and persistence this may never have turned out the way it did. I thank each and every one of you – makes me feel great that I know such generous and giving people here on RedBubble – people that want to make a difference. Thanks heaps!!!

Also wanted to make a special thanks to Esther – without your time and effort in our group a heap of signatures would have been lost! It’s been great to have your brilliant support! Another super special thanks to Mr RB himself – Robin Brown! He has helped me campaign to no ends – without his wit and humour (not to mention all the masses of people who follow him that wouldn’t otherwise have been made aware!) – I can’t thank you enough!! Rob even made a T-Shirt design to promote the cause – that’s dedication! Thanks again mate, cheers.

A victory from people power folks!! Should something else environmental come up – I’ll be back here gathering signatures! Be prepared! Thanks again.

All the very best – I’ll be catching up on everything and everyone shortly!
Have a ripper weekend!


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