Happy New Year!

How was this year for you?
Looking back i think this year was horrible, but i did some personal growth, wich is good… i think lol. Sometimes we just have to accept things, no matter how much it hurts, so we can move on to better things. Now i know that, and for some reason, i feel in peace with that.
I lost my aunt that i love so much, and i didn’t even get half my 365 day project done, but i’m getting there, step by step. Sometimes i think i got worst on my photography, but maybe its just a phase, i’m never happy, i always think i can do better and i want to be better.
The money is still very tight and we live day by day trying to survive. I’m so tired, i just wanna live and not survive, or not live at all. But, deep down i still hope, maybe its dumb, but i still hope everything will get better and my hard work will pay off. One day, i know, one day all this will be a bad memory from the past… i just wish that.
I’m also very gratefull to everyone who suport me, my work and the ones who buy my work. I’m gratefull for the few friends i have that stick with me on the good and the bad and on my crazyness. Thank you!! <3 <3 <3
I wish everyone a wonderful year! <3 <3

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