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None of my wildlife images are taken in zoos, animal sanctuaries, game farms or in a “canned” environment.

So much to little time

Ok, now I am 3 days into the Bubble vortex and I met so many interesting talented people that my head spins! I am giving comments (humble always) am reading journals…I am writing journals!
I have not had time to scratch among my photos to see what else is (maybe) worthy enough to be added ……maybe a good thing?

I am making the most of this time in the BUBBLE!
Soon I will have to be on the road again with my touring work and I will have much less time to dedicate to this wonderful new world I entered.

But this time I will travel with a new zest , and I will not be looking at the beautiful animals only but at the other marvellous, simple everyday things around me: I have learned a lot just by looking at all YOUR inspiring work.

Thank you for letting me share this Bubble space with you!

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