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None of my wildlife images are taken in zoos, animal sanctuaries, game farms or in a “canned” environment.

Never too late to learn.....

Last night I went for the first time, as a “visitor” to a Camera Club here in Johannesburg (called "Camera Club Johannesburg ") on their monthly meeting. With me there were maybe 15 people altogether….and I was one of the youngest!

Each member had brought three 10″×15″ of their work, to show and discuss with the other members….and here came the beauty: most of the work was exceptional ! – many pieces digitally manipulated in a sublime way!!

These people knew how to use PSP or PS !!!! And some of them were surely in their 80s !
One particular very old gentleman (and I did not understand the process) used an Xray machine to capture…and then manupulated in PS….

I came away a bit dazed…and thought that I have a great learning curve ahead of me….but all of a sudden I realised I had so much time to do it in !!!

I am going to case the joint of another club tomorrow….!

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