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None of my wildlife images are taken in zoos, animal sanctuaries, game farms or in a “canned” environment.

The Virus!!!!

Still battling with the PC virus…..daughter is busy cleaning and refomatting the least affected of the 4 pc in the house (in network) …..mine is the worst of the 4 so I will have to bide my time …..RATS!!!

To top it all I have also caught a VIRUS!
The flu has flored me and I had to do the last 2 days of the tour doped to my gills!

At home now and recuperating…. it will give me at least time to look at all the lovely work you have posted here……
but I am getting serious " posting withdrawal symptoms" !!!!
I have 3-4 wildlife that I wanted sooo to show you!

Never mind, they say patience is a virtue…….but why I am not feeling virtuous at all??!!

Love you guys!!!


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