Joined November 2007

None of my wildlife images are taken in zoos, animal sanctuaries, game farms or in a “canned” environment.


OK PC still sick so no loading on RB….

but the other news are much better!
The lodge (that took my pictures and had ordered 10 more) sent me an email yesterday:

After seeing the sample I sent them with their logo, they have ordered all together 30 pieces!! 10 of each with titles in French, English and Italian !!!!!

And if the pictures sell well in their shop I should be able to supply also the other 6-7 lodges of the same chain !!!!
Please wish me luck…. I may have been able to find a niche in the market that will help when I go on pension ! (as late as possible!!!)

Please guys – I did not write this to brag….you all have helped me so much in the past months…..I would not have been able to do this without your constant input / help / teachings / warmth / encouragement ….etc etc.

All of this I owe it to you.


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