Hello, please consider my request (to collaborate)--Dream of Peace; Thank you Jason, narrative sculpture

Cara Schingeck

Hello, please consider my request to share your song “Dream of Peace” with my YouTube video showing the narrative sculpture I’m creating for Jason, my cousin’s son deployed in Afghanistan. Your song Dream of peace I feel is perfect for how I feel about Jason and his mother Michelle my family "our military family Your words your song means much to me and with your song and my sculpture (even though it is not done yet) it gives me a feeling of hope and a message is good and true. Your music has given me hope for a long time now during my own brother’s#! deployment and since his return from war. Thank you for your music, your words your inspiration and your message of hope

Thank you Jason
Thank you for considering my request
Cara Schingeck

MULTI MEDIA PRODUCTION: soap stone sculpture—in my studio at different stages of completion; “chalk to rock” stage showing how I used ink to sketch Jason’s portrait onto the stone. Then, stage where I have etched the stone and used sandpaper to remove some of the ink to reveal a story in and of itself. The markings, the hesitation of become part of the story. The sketches of previous concepts that I photographed have now become Jason’s narrative sculpture.

I was able to get photos of Jason by corresponding with my cousing Michelle and Amy through Facebook and requesting them to send to me the photos they felt best for me to use for his sculpture. I then chose which ones to use based upon my feelings and upon reading yes my feelings and some of the readings posted on Facebook to Jason from them. So, there you go.

I also listened to, researched I guess in my way as I do and have done since my brother’s deployment over a year ago the daily reports of our war, this war that is ours, our world’s. I learned a lot about the United States Marines from listening to NPR National Public Radio and the Story which has many good stories of our soldiers and what I learned is about honor, service, dedication and loyalty. All this is good and gives me hope for our world.

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