Heroes to Hometowns, Tacoma: Audio and notes from 2011 meeting

Heroes to Hometowns, Tacoma: Audio and notes from 2011 meeting
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Tacoma: Give support and service to our soldiers
Tacoma: Give support and service to our soldiers,
Cara Schingeck, Tacoma Downtown Examiner, December 12,
“The week ahead marks an historical event, the end of a war and thousands of our soldiers coming home—Tacoma communities are helping by attending the Heroes to Hometowns meeting at downtown Tacoma Goodwill Millgard Work Center where you as an individual, an organization, or a business collectively along with government and military agencies work together to find solutions, support and services for our returning soldiers and to give help and a voice to military families because we are all neighbors here in the city of Tacoma we care about people and you know that when one person takes action to help another person we all benefit so let’s begin here today let us all start on Tuesday, December 13th at 9:30 am”

Heroes to Hometowns meeting in Tacoma 2011 recorded by Cara Schingeck.wmv

_Veterans living on the streets…
If you want to donate go to the rescue mission…how to help homeless veterans…
Reaching out to Wounded Warriors how to help in the Northwest Carol Blakely, 360-315-8208 LOOKING FOR EMPLOYERS who want to hire vets AND ORGANIZATIONS WHO WANT vets to be part of their group.
Acupuncture for veterans, and their spouses and their families
Acupuncture to provide stress reduction as part of the military stress recovery program, acupuncture without borders, Thursday night, 5pm to 7pm, also for the spouses, Acupuncture as stress reduction
If they live in America we provide acupuncture
Works with Red Cross at JBLM

Vets meet vets & toys for tots organizes events at Cheney Stadium enjoys games
Operation Military Families help military active reserve veterans for high school and college multiple documentaries speaking to high schools and colleges to educate our children of what our history is so if you want to connect
VA hospital chapel safe environment to get into community service…
Distribute flyers
Gets the word out
Thank you for what you do for our veterans
Good work
Time for network
It’s nice to meet you_

Heroes to Hometowns Tacoma

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