4:07 in the am and bubble troubled....

for those who do not want to read a message from a sleep deprived troubled body please exit via the right door… and for all of those who are left pull up a cushion and grab a hot chocolate you might be here for the long haul……

where to begin?
all of us here produce work in hope that it will have some profound reaction on someone else floating in the redbubble sea… then, if by chance that someone with the profound reaction happens upon our work and they decide to voice what emotions our work has brought up in them, why, if it is not an expected reaction do we run away screaming????

less than 24 hours ago i recieved a comment on one of my works which all at once took my breath away with its honesty and instilled doubt with its passion… i will share the comment shortly…
who am i to say to much

3:20 in the am...

so it hit 3am this morning and i just couldnt sleep.. this doesnt happen to me all that often but when it does well i guess im awake……

hop skip and jump….. redbubble (isnt it funny how we all end up here lol)

i have been very busy of late as im sure many of you have. christmas just around the corner and plenty of presents to buy for my kids… i still dont know what to get for my daughter but im sure it will come to me…
i have become tired of spending money on people… to me christmas has become so over rated and too many expect so much from eachother.. for me a hand made gift speaks so much louder than any store bought present.. not to say that a piece of art isnt the perfect gift (wink wink)
this week i will be making five tonnes of playdough all sorts of colours some that sparkle some that

wish me luck!!!

just thought id send out that thought as i have an exhibition opening tomorrow!!!
it should be quite a bit of fun as it is a family exhibition so there will be quite the variety of work on display..
Generating Art – Tattersall Family Exhibition
Mushroom Crafts Leongatha, VIC
Openingt: Saturday 5th December, afternoon
Exhibition: Saturday 5th December until the end of December

how are you???

whats news???

ok im now heading to the land of dreams and imagination… sleep well all who should be sleeping and those who are waking hope your day is full of wonderment…

cards under $4.00 and original works sold :-)

So how are we all on this bright and sunny day?
before i get down to business i would just like to say THANKYOU to the two lovely ladies that have purchased original works from me last week
i was a little sad to see this one go as it was quite dear to me but happy it will be hanging on someones wall all the same.
and once again thankyou……

ok now to business a you may have seen i have come up wih a couple of simple card designs for this festive season.. each has 3 different variations to text… but i decided that with christmas being so close i’d drop prices on these cards to make them a little more cost effective so they are now all under $4.00 also if by chance you wanted me to personalize any with your own chosen words i would be more than happy to do so just bmail me

until next time take

Tis the season... (family exhibition)

It has come to my attention that christmas is almost upon us… what are you all up to over this festive period? planned anything yet or are you a play it by ear kind of human..…

I myself after becoming a climbing frame christmas morning for my 4 beautiful children will be heading on out to photograph a family wedding, what a day for it… well i guess if everyone is already going to be there why not… so congratulations to my almost brother inlaw Grant and Nicole i just hope the job that i manage to produce amongst all the relatives known and unknown will be good enough… for some reason shooting for people i know always makes it more difficult to calm the butterflies…

Now a little off the beaten track and to the point of this journal entry. As it turns out, the wonderful artistic ability se

down the garden path..

i have found myself very busy of late and have not had much time to do what i really want to do.
so this morning i decided to keep it simple and head out into my garden to see what i could see…
this is what i ended up with a great bunch of beautiful images, soft colours, lighting and focus… with this infront of me i though i should just share them pretty much how they were, as nature presented them to me.
there you have it folks please let me know what you think of these.. i would love to hear your thoughts…
Also wish me luck as tomorrow watch out zoo here i come i havent been there for many years so i am a little excited :-)
until next time,
happy creating friends…

FACT of the day no words in the english language rhyme with month, orange, silver or purple


my computer has this tendancy of humming at such a level i fear i may be partially deaf before the eve is out..

The Red Bubble Effect

my kitchen is messy
dishes piled up high…

the kids cry im hungry
just one moment i reply
i’ve found somethiing funny
something terribly nice
oh wait theres another
i say more than twice

my eyes are all tired
worn and my bed…
well that hasnt been slept in
since i last brushed my head

the talent
inspiration that grows

but my fingers keep walking
instead of my toes

oh my goodness
oh bother and wow
what a place

internet use trippled
at a neck breaking pace

need to sleep but just for some fun
back to RB
for one more look
before the days done

a poem in five mintues while doing dishes and dreaming about what might have happened since i was last here (five minutes ago hahaha)

i have dubbed this the redbubble effect

it really is quite disturbing what RB has done to me…. but i also

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait