So this evening i find myself wandering around in the bubble pondering that thing we all get emotionally worried about…
you know…
and where its going to take me in a couple of days i will find myself another year younger you see
during this moment (that has possibly lasted a few days) i have come to the conclusion that life is where the road of age leads us. we are all on it and without age we have no life to enjoy…
so i have decided to share a few thoughts on this matter i have been pondering..
take time to notice the little things that should be making you smile and feel light of heart…
often these little things pass by and we ignore them only to later realise that the moment to enjoy it has passed…
stop and notice
I see people these days rushing from here to there and not looking from their feet so they do not have to communicate with another..
why not take the time to look up you may just find the one you love right beside you or perhaps across the room
If by chance you had never met them before and you continued on your way without that upward glance, the moment is gone and we are left with something missing…
enjoy all that you hold dearest and even if only just for one moment
breathe deep
breathe and hold onto life
embrace it
and continue on your path to happiness
we all deserve happiness in life and we should not fear this road
I am on my way to another year younger and I have a whole bunch of children that i love . This is my happiness The road of life for me is watching my beautiful children grow from the amazing people they already are to the remarkable beings they are on their way to becoming. While on the way also taking time to remember who i am
a lover of simplicity
of innocence
a lover of the intoxicating smell in the air that moment before it rains
of laughter
light hearted thoughts
and a lover of life
lets not forget about the slightly twisted movies, green paint and jelly belly jelly beans…
Never let go of what makes you happy people, hold onto it tightly and treat it tenderly.
Nurture it
Love it
Live it

please if interested take the time to view the links they are of works i feel relate to these thoughts and thank you for taking the time to read me

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